The CACHÉ Belt-Bag 8/15/22

Collections Littlejohn New York bags, cases, caddies and pouches come in two collections: STOWE (which includes; Slim Cases, Pouches, Caddies, Long Cases and Pouches The second collection “Cache” is meant for everyday use.


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Discreet and stylish! I love my Littlejohn New York Pouch!! I take it everywhere, I even use it as a clutch for evenings out." 

Heather K.

I stopped traveling with weed years ago but these products have made me rethink my plans for road trips.  I've used them twice without a problem.  They look like high-quality personal toiletry kits.  A+"

Gary S.

My boyfriend rolls his own blend of cigar and pipe tobacco and carries his supplies in a well-used plastic bag. I took one look at this beauty and snatched it up! Littlejohn New York thought of all smokers when designing it. Smart!!

He saw a need and filled it. Brilliance."

Patrice D.

I was very impressed by the quality of the product and the richness of the leather.  I will be purchasing Littlejohn New York products as gifts for friends and family, which I am sure will be very appreciated! Their customer service is outstanding as well. There’s nothing else out there like this. Count me as a new and loyal client."

Valerie D.

Works wonderfully and fits everything I need plus some. Phone fits perfectly in the front pocket and you can’t smell anything at all! It’s so nicely made and I love the color!


Super sturdy and well constructed. Really nice quality and shipped really fast! Was the perfect gift for my partner!


I bought this bag for my husband, and he loves it! The construction and quality are top notch it holds its shape, the zipper is smooth, and there are no loose threads or fabric. Its well worth it! He really likes the ability to move the dividers inside for his needs. Thank you so much for the care put into making this high-quality bag! (Fast shipping too!)


I love this brand, high quality, and brilliant costumer service.

My purchase was a great experience, any question I had was answered in a timely manner. It's made with beautiful leather, the seal works perfect for the smell. Now I can breathe in peace. The lock is easy to set up. Highly recommend this purchase.


This is an elegant item. The size for my need is on point. The smell-proof is there. The quality is pretty impressive.