"All I smell is the Leather"!

Bag with weed

We love the way they look and feel, we love the way we feel every time I reach for my stylish Stash Bag. Besides the way they look and feel the best part about LNY products re how well they work at concealing that very loud flower we place inside. How does it work?  We utilize a special technology we call;  “Five-layer Scent Concealing Technology" system” to ensure that odors are completely absorbed and unable to escape from the confines of the bag.
The innermost layer you will see peering inside of the bag is a simple mesh which allows scents to move towards the activated carbon lining primarily responsible for the absorption of all odors. The carbon is sandwiched by two non-woven filters which aid in condensing the carbon lining. After that is a layer of protective foam padding, and then finally the high-stitch, airtight leather on the outermost layer. It may sound a bit complicated, but it gets the job done right. Not only that, but the durability of the carbon lining in odor-proofing the bags lasts for upwards of several years.“The odor protection is pretty powerful. I've piled all the loudest stuff in there. I mean, half smoked joints and you know, all kinds of stuff. And nothing comes through.”